Donation Scams for Sandy Hook Victims

It deeply disturbs me that I must write this post; in every possible way, from the victims who died to the selfish greedy asinine imbeciles who create fake websites and PayPal accounts to STEAL money from the Sandy Hook victims families. A women from Bronx, New York, named NOUEL (NOEL) ALBA used her G-mail account to create a fake account in Noah Ponzer’s name (6-year-old victim), and was routing the payments that were made through PayPal to her personal checking account, gaining $300. At this point, these are speculations. CNN did go to her house and she did agree that it was her G-mail account and her “crafting-enemy’s” created this account to attack her, and after CNN visited her house, she returned the money. Now we can wait to see if the FBI confirms her as the true culprit but we all know her excuse is ridiculous. So as individual’s who are eager to donate funds to the victims families there are some tips that we must pay attention to. The following tips are from the Federal Trade Commission and the National Center For Disaster Preparedness:

  • Do not respond or open attachments from unsolicited emails claiming to be from charitable organizations.

  • Donate directly through the organization’s website. Do not follow links from emails to donation sites or allow an individual or third-party organization to make the donation on your behalf.

  • Do not send cash, money order, or wire transfers.

  • Contact the charity directly to authenticate the fundraiser (use a local or nationally recognized phone number, not the phone number listed in the email).

  • Validate the charity through sites like or the Better Business Bureau, especially if the soliciting organization has a name similar to that of a well-recognized organization.

  • Never divulge personal information such as your social security number.

  • Take notice of the organization’s web address. Most legitimate non-profit organizations end in .org, not .com.

  • Be wary of solicitations from those claiming to be surviving victims of a well-publicized disaster.

Some Legitimate Sites:

If you are unable to donate financially, there are other ways you can contribute, just visit

25 thoughts on “Donation Scams for Sandy Hook Victims

    • Thank you Lisa for the information but I can’t put her personal information on my site, although she is completely wrong I can’t publish her phone nor address on Guise&Eves. Please continue to visit if you have any further information.

  1. I belong to a wonderful crafting community. Nouel Alba,aka Victorian Glam Fairys started posting on her facebook page. I remember her very first post. One sentence. something to the effect like We lost our angel…People started asking her what happened and she posted that her Nephew, her brothers only child was one of the Sandy Hook victims. She even named him. In other posts, she even claimed to have been the one to identify the body and hold his lifeless body in her arms. She posted 2 different avenues to donate funds to. One was a personal Paypal account attached to her name, the other was a JP Morgan address with a routing number. I saved the info because I was going to donate. I personally know a couple of people who sent her money. I know of a few more who were going to send her money, until they were alerted about the scam. We were all scammed by Nouel. She had us from the first fake tear she shed. I personally sent her words of encouragement and prayers. I asked others to pray for her and her family. And now she said she was being set up?? I saw her posts with my own eyes. She accepted money from a few crafters I know. . She even claimed not to long ago that she lost everything during Hurricane Sandy. Was that a lie as well?? And where are those funds that she is receiving going to? Were we duped on that one too?? I pray to God that if they take this investigation further that they are able to retrieve all of those posts and all of the lies that she created as proof of what she did, because she has since deleted everything. And now she is claiming that she was set up. How clever of her to try and cover it all up. Fortunately, the government is smarter than she is. Nouel and people like her need to be stopped. It sickens me to think that there are people like her who profit off of people and children that were murdered tragically. Why?? I only wonder why…

  2. I can tell you this much about Nouel Alba, aka Royal Designs by Nouel, Victorian Glam Fairys, Royal Midnight Craft Creations, and all her alias, she is always been a liar. She has lied about many crafters in the past and has spread terrible rumors about other crafters. What she did was not acceptable, she had NO right to make a mockery of that family, nor to accept donations on their behalf. I know in the past she has altered other crafters work to make it look like it was her’s but in the end the truth about her lying, deceitful ways has come to the light. It was not ok for her to victimize crafters in the past, but it definitely NOT ok to do what she did to this family. This family is in mourning and they do not need a vicious and sick individual like Nouel to victimize them! I had seen in the past how she would collect money for autism, and saw what she was doing for Hurricane Sandy, but she truly crossed the boundaries with this one. She is sick and I hope to God that justice is done.

  3. She has victimized crafters by posting vicious lies and has attacked alot of innocent people, and I’m glad that now someone knows the truth about this person. She is not to be trusted, nor should she be taken lightly. She is not stable mentally and will go to any extend to make it look like she is an innocent individual. She is claiming that people in the crafting community victimized her, but in all reality she did this to her self. She is a big girl should finally accept her mistakes. In the past in the crafting community she has been banned from crafting groups for causing caos and now I hope she is banned from society for taking advantage of this family.

  4. Let’s just say I know of alot of things she has done in the past to people and how she victimized the wonderful ladies in the crafting community. She took something precious from them and that was their unique gift to share with others their knowledge in crafting. She approached us with her feel sorry for me story and then came in attacking people with her sick mind games. She leads people to think that she is innocent in all she does, but she is a night owl up all night looking for innocent people to prey on them. I personally know of a few good ladies that she jeopardized their businesses, by posting on Facebook some cruel and unthoughtful attacks. She targeted some of these people’s sponsors and literally ruined them. She tells people in the crafting community that she works for the NYPD Emergency Response Team. She is up all night surfing ustream crafting classes, and has you send her antique jewelry and other things of values for her suppose polymer clay molds, then she keeps the antique jewelry and does nothing with them nor gives you the molds.

  5. Here is what she says about herself:

    ” I’m a 34yr. old Fashion Designer and Stylist from NYC.

    I design a lot of knit wear from Sweaters, to scarfs to mittens to beautiful gift basket set. I love to scrap-book and create a lot of craft gift. I also do all sorts of quilting from purses to bed-set to table runners to quilted scarfs. I also design my own jewelry.

    I’ve just started my own party planning business. I do a lot of kids and Baby Showers, Bridal Parties which have been a success. Majority of the decoration are all designed by myself. My prices are reasonable and affordable.

    On my spear time I love to teach those who are interested in learning on how to scrap-book or even create there own jewelry. I hold crops every month.”

    For more information, you can email me at ********

  6. i sent her money ..she said her nephew was jesse lewis. she was collecting money for jesse’s funeral. :o( im so mad i was scammed!

  7. Hello,
    I am not apart of the crafting community but I have also been scammed by Noule. I collected donations from my school and found Noule through the internet and got to know her very well. She lied and betrayed me. Although, I never sent her money I did go to Jersey with her just one time to donate my danations colletced from my school. She seemed like a very nice and sweet woman.

    Some things she did say seemed to throw up red flags for me but I didnt pay much mind to it. She told me her son HAD Autism and was cured at 13 years old once he started speaking. I teach children with Autism and have been in the fied for 9 years. There is NO cure for Autism and your son/daughther is not going to start speaking at 13 years old if they were never verbal in the begining.

    She is a liar and i pray that she gets jail time for what she did to these people.

    God doesnt like ugly and Noule is one ugly person because of these dispicable acts she pulled!

  8. This was an email I sent to Noules personal email last night: I was so upset and needed to tell her how i felt……..

    Hi Nouel,

    After doing some research on scammers and donations your name coincidentally came up in a google search. Not to mention your story never added up from the beginning. I have been in contact with some of the woman from union beach and we all compared notes and figured out your scam.

    It takes a really disgusting person to do what you have done. I pray for people like you and your mental disability. To scam on not only people left in complete distruction but young children that lost their lives is one of the most despicable acts someone can do. Please get yourself help whether it be in jail or a mental facility and stay away from the human race because you my pathetic friend do not belong in society.

    I hope you get brought up on every charge that is thrown at you plus more. God doesn’t like ugly, and Nouel honey, you are one ugly person!!

    Hope to never see you again!!

  9. A group I am in was also scammed by Nouel. She claimed to us that she was Noah’s aunt, and we as a group sent her a bunch of hand crafted Angels. She told us that they would be on display at the funerals, and then she would give them out to the family members. She even went on to give us phone numbers for the funeral homes and everything else. I was able to stop my package from being delivered, but others were not. Now since she has been on the news, she is refusing the packages. It’s sad. I have three small kids and we struggle, so i didn’t really have the money to pay the postage on what I did send, and really didn’t have it to cancel it. The Angels I made are on the way back. I’m not sure what she was going to do with a load of Angels, sell them? Donate them and say she made them all? Set them around her house and admire them in some sick satisfied sort of way? All i know is our group moderator was in contact with the FBI and gave them all the information we had, so hopefully this lady will get what she deserves, either legally or medically!

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