Donation Scams for Sandy Hook Victims

It deeply disturbs me that I must write this post; in every possible way, from the victims who died to the selfish greedy asinine imbeciles who create fake websites and PayPal accounts to STEAL money from the Sandy Hook victims families. A women from Bronx, New York, named NOUEL (NOEL) ALBA used her G-mail account to create a fake account in Noah Ponzer’s name (6-year-old victim), and was routing the payments that were made through PayPal to her personal checking account, gaining $300. At this point, these are speculations. CNN did go to her house and she did agree that it was her G-mail account and her “crafting-enemy’s” created this account to attack her, and after CNN visited her house, she returned the money. Now we can wait to see if the FBI confirms her as the true culprit but we all know her excuse is ridiculous. So as individual’s who are eager to donate funds to the victims families there are some tips that we must pay attention to. The following tips are from the Federal Trade Commission and the National Center For Disaster Preparedness:

  • Do not respond or open attachments from unsolicited emails claiming to be from charitable organizations.

  • Donate directly through the organization’s website. Do not follow links from emails to donation sites or allow an individual or third-party organization to make the donation on your behalf.

  • Do not send cash, money order, or wire transfers.

  • Contact the charity directly to authenticate the fundraiser (use a local or nationally recognized phone number, not the phone number listed in the email).

  • Validate the charity through sites like or the Better Business Bureau, especially if the soliciting organization has a name similar to that of a well-recognized organization.

  • Never divulge personal information such as your social security number.

  • Take notice of the organization’s web address. Most legitimate non-profit organizations end in .org, not .com.

  • Be wary of solicitations from those claiming to be surviving victims of a well-publicized disaster.

Some Legitimate Sites:

If you are unable to donate financially, there are other ways you can contribute, just visit

Man on the verge of cheating (MOVC), what are the signs? I don’t know!

What inspired this topic. . .  Well, I was talking to a very close family member M.L.C (she will not allow me disclose her identity so I jumbled her initials). She told a story of a bizarre situation. . .  And now I will share her story with you. . .

M.L.C and a friend go out for a friday night drink, to a bar that they regularly frequent, she meet a cute guy , the chatted, he leaves,  she leaves. She goes to another bar, he texts her asking where she was, she tells him, he arrives. They flirt, chat, giggle over ridiculous banter, then he abruptly leaves.  He text her saying he had a great time but had to work early in the morning.

M.L.C couldn’t seem to find comfort with his answer, so the next day, boldly and securely she messaged him asking what happen, he honestly responded with a sorry-filled message telling her that he is married, a bad guy, did not want to lead her on and that his wife was out of town. She deletes his message and number. END OF STORY.


It is a good thing that this man ended things before it even started and saved her from stress and possible heart-break but I call this a MAN-ON-THE-VERGE-OF-CHEATING (MOVC)

I assume this title can say “Woman-on-the-verge-of- cheating” (WOVC)

Google is my source for all answers, so here is what I found.

 A MOVC: “long story short, bored at work and with my marriage, make a okcupid profile, hot chick messages me, we text. . . i was going to meet her at a restaurant, but at the last-minute i decided against it. too risky i live in  small town, so going out in public would be dangerous i told her we should meet at a place an hour away so i wont recognize anyone. . .  basically i just want to bang and that’s it. i keep leading her on. . . im thinking i should just tell her the deal, that im married and if she is down, then lets do it”

 I would consider this man beyond the verge and just about a full-blown cheater, his opportunity just hasn’t arrived, he doesn’t care about the layers of deception that comes with this life style, it simply seems as if his only worry is being caught.

I found this article on the FLY GUY CHRONICLES,  they discuss the six signs of a WOVC:

1. She’s Turning 25 or 30 or 35 or . . .

Decade and half-decade birthdays trigger navel-gazing-figuratively, and perhaps literally. A woman asks herself, “What have I been doing for the past 5 years?”

2. She’s Been Promoted

Women like to have projects and goals. When she reaches a milestone-say, in her career—she may start to think, Now what? says Bonnie Eaker Weil, Ph.D.

3. She’s Moving in with You

Yes, it was probably her idea. But now that you’re together 24-7 and sharing every detail of your lives, there’s not as great a need to keep the conversation flowing every minute.

4. She Thinks You’ve Cheated

Revenge affairs are common. Women have them in an attempt to restore self-esteem and feel desirable again.

5. She’s Not Getting Enough

Oxytocin, a hormone that plays a central role in our urge to bond, spikes to levels three to five times higher than usual just before orgasm. The hormone is more intense in females than in males, so women develop a stronger sense of bonding through sex.

6. She’s Ready to Bolt

She wants to dump you. Infidelity can break up couples, so she might cheat on purpose as an easy out

Signs of a MOVC according to the “EXPERTS” of Your Tango:

1. Hesitation. The fact that you’re hesitating about an obvious relationship that you’re in reveals that you’re uncertain about your current relationship and where you two stand.

2. Gawking. Staring or making eyes with someone who isn’t your partner

3. Sharing too much. Sharing too much information with the person you’re attracted

4. Side dating. Agreeing to meet anyone for a “quick lunch,” “a drink,”

5. The brush. Playful as it may seem, brushing against one another can excite both of you as your bodies begin to manifest latent desires

6. Touching. Touching one another sends certain signals to your brain.

 7. Lying. If you ever feel the need to start lying about what you and your friend are doing when you meet

8. Change in mood. If you’re suddenly happy, grumpy, absent-minded all the time or displaying any other noticeable change in behavior,

9. Change in appearance. If you begin to splurge on areas you didn’t before, such as a new haircut, lingerie, a gym membership

10. Drastic lifestyle changes.

Theses sign may be helpful, but I believe regardless if you are a man or a women, in your soul, you feel a sense of disconnect with your partner.  Many couples, I believe, ignore this inner tug and then find themselves “surprised” when they have been deceived.

let me know what you think. . .



New Guise and EVES and the AGE OF AQUARIUS

I haven’t written on my blog in a while, I assume that I either lost interest or didn’t find it a priority. But, I turned a new leaf (AGAIN), I am the type of person who turns leafs and has epiphany’s every few days. I’ll blame that on my Caribbean heritage and genetics from the Mendes‘ and Paterson‘s, if you know them then you’ll get it. The blogs that I will be writing , will be similar to what I have written in the past, which is about men and women, but my perspective has change.  As I have evolved and aged, it is interesting to see how I have experienced and interpreted life.  Hey that’s maturity for your ass. (OH yeah that’s one thing that hasn’t changed I still cuss like a drunken sailor). So here’s to the new GUISEEVES. . . It is appropriate as the Age of Aquarius begins this month, actually 12-21-12, The DAY WE ALL SHALL DIEEEEEE!!!! OR as “Astrologers see the Age of Aquarius as being the age of computers, freedom, electricity, rebels, astrology, and humanitarianism, among others ideas. Some hope the age will bring in a time of philanthropy and peace, while others expect a time of unrest, nonconformity, and even rebellion. Some think man will leave earth and become decentralized as we spread across the galaxy. Many do not agree on what the Age of Aquarius 2012 beginning will bring to mankind, but all agree some kind of change is coming”