Trying to hard to be cool!!

This will be a beyond unorthodox and unorganized post due to the fact that I’m a bit ummmm. . . Drunky, and I’m creating this posts via iPhone, while my laptop is literally beside me Bahaha! But I noticed a few things this evening via real world and FB( truly why was I even checking my fb at 2am, weird) but it really freaks me the fuck out why people, youngish people (25-32), try so fucking hard to be too-cool-for -schoool! phrases such as (I’m-an-ass-hole, So i say what I want) is fucking lame, if you are actually really rude you don’t néed to conviemce peole of your rudeness, that shit is just natural ( I know assholes and it’s obvious I.e my mother and father ). Like when did being an asshole become cool? It’s creepy!! Or like this whole pretentious popping bottles every night thing, like it’s stupid and if you really have money you know how to spend it wisely and popping cheap ass vodka like is not really broadcasting your wealth but broadcasting your poorness (trying to prove to other broke ass motherfuckers you have money) or non real wealth, i don’t want a man who can pop bottle but a man who wants to travel to Australia with me!! Fuck impressing these houstanians, impress your yourself with new cultures!! Ehhh!! LAME! I really wish that these people would get it! You know what the sad thing is , people who know what the Better life is or what it can be , get sucked into the lameassness and get lost! Anywho this is just Shameika venting in a unconvential way of guise&eves!!

Thank god I’m Caribbean (Grenadian) and raised by the biggest rude asses in the world who puts my ass in check as soon as i feel like my shit don’t stink

Peace and love bitches
*excuse my misspellings


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