Um Shameika you’re a Gold Digger. . . Who me?

Last week TK and were chit chatting over some much need convo and within our convo he asked me…

TK: “What’s the first thing you see in a man”

ME: “His watch. . .  there’s a lot you can tell about a man and his watch”

TK: “His watch? okay so whats the second thing you see?”

ME: “His shoes and then you know everything you need to know for now”

TK: Um. . . Shameika you’re a Gold Digger

Okay I let that comment simmer for a moment and then asked TK, why he thought so?

TK: You look at artificial things!!

Really TK that’s all you got?

I found that to be BULLSHIT!!

I asked him and he said…

TK:”I look at her Breast, then her whole body, the whole up and down and then if shes’ wearing open toe shoes,they need to be painted, and if  she can’t put some paint on, I mean damn some clear paint, sand ome lotion on her toes, I really want a girl who takes care of her self, I mean if she looks like a bum out then what does she look like at home, then I look at her butt and then I look for back fat, you can have a little back fat but not too much, I like legs thick but not too think”.

then he ends it  with: “we shouldnt be checking girls out we she really get to know her inside and hold a conversation, I mean you have to know who the current president is, unless you’re fine as hell then fuck it I don’t care be dumb”


I just want to know what is the whole phenomena with GUISE calling EVES gold diggers when they obviously don’t judge EVES the way THEY expect to be judged.

let’s define Gold digging: Any woman whose primary interest in a relationship is material benefits.

I really want to take this back to evolution. . .

Men and women seek partners for different reason and have seperate standards for a desirable mate and these reason simple come down to reproduction. As unromantic and pragmatic as it may seem, nature’s programming of our brains to select out and respond to stimuli as sexually compelling or repelling simply makes good reproductive sense.


  • A preference for youth, however, is merely the most obvious of men’s preferences linked to a woman’s reproductive capacity. The younger the female the better the capacity for reproduction, hence attributes that men find attractive and contingent on signs of youthfulness.
  •  Our ancestors had access to two types of observable evidence of a woman’s health and youth: features of physical appearance, such as full lips, clear skin, smooth skin, clear eyes, lustrous hair, and good muscle tone
  •  Healthier and more youthful women are more likely to reproduce, and be able to take care of the children after birth, hence ensuring a perpetuation of the male’s gene.


  • Women are judicious, prudent, and discerning about the men they consent to mate with because they have so many valuable reproductive resources to offer
  •  Men produce sperm by the thousands, yet women produce about 400 eggs in their lifetime, and the trials of pregnancy and child rearing are long and arduous, hence their preferences and what they find sexually attractive in a male are based more on security and longevity of relationships.
  •  Athletic prowess is an important attribute to most women that hearkens back to the beginning of man.
  • An athletic and well-muscled male is more likely to be a good hunter hence give for a family. Large and athletic male can also provide physical protection from other males

This basic idea of what men and women find desirable has simply evolved into what we now see as a women gold digger and a picky male.

Women look for men who can take care of them:

– wealthy, which can be determined by their jobs, car, clothing, etc. . .

Men look for women who can make babies :

– sexy, curvaceous, attractive, desirable, etc. . .

So whats the problem with me wanting security in a partner and Guise wanting offspring?