Moscato d’Asti, Someone Please explain the obession!!

Moscato Madness April 9

Image by Fuzzytek via Flickr

Normally when something squeaks my breaks I put it in my ‘Squeaks my Breaks” page, but I feel that this topic needs its own space. . .

The Topic is Moscato d’ Asti, or simply know as Moscato.

Now we all know that the recent alcoholic bourgeois drink of choice has been MOSCATO, but why is the question that Ive been asking myself for over a year. I do remember Drake or Aubrey Graham rapping in Trey songz, song I invented sex, “It’s a celebration/ clap clap bravo/ lobster & shrimp & a glass of moscato…finish the whole bottle”, and bam all of a sudden its been on every club flyer and in every hoochies glass in the club but Drake cant get all of the props. Lets dig deeper.
  • In 2005, Kanye West special-ordered bottles of 2004 Saracco Moscato d’Asti for a party at a nightclub in Atlanta. He subsequently gave the wine a mention in a re-mixed version of Teairra Mari’s Make Her Feel Good: “Hypno, Cris though, I mean whatever Saracco Moscato it do taste better.”
  • Lil Kim‘s song Put your lighters up: “Still over in Brazil, Sipping moscato, You must have forgot though, So I’ma take it back to the block, yo.
Okay I don’t have a problem with Moscoato lets be honest it’s sweet and tasty, although I’m not into sweet drinks it’s pretty good (depending on the brand, and the free glasses they pass out in the hood clubs are not it), but  for a sweet wine, I prefer Riesling. “This social Phenomena is hilarious. . It starts in the Hip Hop community and then bam the companies of these wine growers are increasing their sales.
Quoting Napa-based importer of Saracco Dalla Terra founder and manager Brian Larky: ” We have seen significant sales in what I would consider to be a rap-friendly demographic, and I love it. Cross-pollinization if you will”
“Moscato’s flavor combination is a solid trinity for American consumers. It is “low alcohol, slightly sparkling and semi-sweet. It is in some ways the perfect combination for an exciting after-dinner drink,” noted Conway. “It is simple, straightforward stuff that isn’t too complex or too hard to grasp.”
Did you hear that LOW in Alcohol. AHHHH LOW, oh NOOOOOO!!!
Do you remember Courvoisier?

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I remember asking TK to buy it just because of Busta Rhymes. Or when I was in high school and Rocafella was all crazy over Moet and Cristal. We had to buy some even if it was the fake. Then 2009 introduced the pink sparkly drink Nuvo, I just tried this for the first time this year ( way too weak for my type of drink). Oh yeah and I know all y’all remember Hyponic. . . I swear if you walked in a high school party with that blue bottle you were the coolest shit on earth!!!
But that high-school attitude of being cool cause your drinking what the cool, tight t-shirt, rappers are talking about, is the same attitude of these grown ass Diva’s and Divo’s in the club . . .
Let”s be real, Its a low in Alcohol, dessert wine that has blow up because the new cool rapper drake said“It’s a celebration/ clap clap bravo/ lobster & shrimp & a glass of moscato…finish the whole bottle”.  and now I can find this wine in every Hip Hop club, fuck that every club but I cant get a damn glass of Riesling or a Kettle One and Tonic. . .  Can someone rap about Kettle One or a Riesling, PLEASE!!

Whatever drink what ya drink. . . Have fun and drive safely. . . I guess you will because it’s low in alcohol. .  bahahahaha!!!!

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