Please do NOT call me in the morning



I’m in a mood to bitch! I love having this blog, especially when I’m in the venting mood. Let me completely explain my mind-set right now:
– I’ve had to work 6 days in a row and I’m on day 6 at the beginning of the flipping day!
– My tire is slowly deflating, so instead of eating or napping on my break I’ll be hanging out with the dirty hand workers of discount tire
– My father is traveling back over seas so instead of much needed sleep after work, I have to continue the 4 day saga of military modules and paper work
– my co-worker won’t shut the fuck up, ugh she talks a lot about nothing an repeats herself
– Samuel is in his bitchy, I’m a male dog stage, where he ignores you when you call him and growls when you reprimand him! ( this one not so bad, I said I was venting)

So you can tell I just want to hibernate!

But you know what really set me off was a phone call I received at 8am,
I can understand if you actually need me for something, maybe your my client, a phone call with some substance but to truly call me just to say hey and breath on the fucking phone you have to be shitting me!

Everyone who knows me knows(MW), that I’m not a morning person and calling me just to say hi and sit on the phone when I’m trying to get my last few minutes of sleep is a complete deal breaker. I may be a little harsh, but I seriously never want to speak to this person ever again, just for annoying the fuck out of me!

But seriously, the morning wake up call isn’t sweet nor cute, I know some women will disagree with me. In my opinion, it just makes you seem desperate, lame and like you have no life! Shoot me a text next time and see if I want to converse, most likely NO! If I am really the first thing you think about when you wake up, find a pic of me and jack off! There’s a reason I’m not waking up next to you!

Alrighty bitches, hope you’re having a fucking fantablous day!