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Calculator SAFE – Protect Private Photo & Documents

Are you the type that likes to text SEXY, NUDE, and of course PRIVATE text to your “friends”. OR maybe you and your sex buddy are getting it on you don’t mind them taking pictures of your “private” parts. I mean there’s nothing wrong with it really, right? You’re both consenting adults and sometimes you might want to take a quick look at your sexy naked sex buddy while you are at work. BUT how long do you think the receiver of the photos will keep your photos. You see I’m a bit naive and I assumed that the photos would last as long as you two are together. See, this is my reasoning, when you and you sexting buddy break up, you’ll start a new relationship and being caught with you ex-boo-thangs sexy photos, probably wont sit well with your new boo-thang. But guess what? I’VE BEEN EDUCATED!!! Well, with all this technology and all these creepers that live in our world, I’m not sure why this little thing wasn’t thought of before. Okay well, I’m sure its been thought of but I bet they didn’t have the money to create it.  So on these cool smartphones that we all own, There’s this oh soo sneaky app that acts like a calculator but really is a file that hides all of your creepy private shit. (and if you still own a Nokia or any flip phone of any kind shame on you, lame ass!!)

iPhone Screenshot 1

My good friend CR, was my educator. A few weeks back we where chit-chatting over some drinks and he pulled up this app on his IPad (After I begged a little), and he showed me easily over 70 pictures of naked women in all types of angles. Pictures they sent him, pictures he has taken of them, just tons and tons of naked photos. and this was only a fraction of the pictures.

iPhone Screenshot 3

iPhone Screenshot 4

Let’s clear this up, he is roughly good guy, yet perverted and doesn’t  send them nor show them to everyone. We are good friends and of course I wouldn’t let the girls know I saw them nor did I even recognize one girl.

All I have to say is if your going to send naked pictures,don’t show your face!!!


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