Mr. Married was hiding the wedding ring.

At work, I come across a of plenitude men trying to surprise their wives with luxuriant gifts.  Most of the men act accordingly towards the women in my department because they are there for their spouses, but you will come across a few that will try to act inappropriately. Well today I came across one of those few.

Here’s my story:

I was looking extra bored, well because I was. It was a beyond slow day at work! So in my boredom, my face turns from Happy-I’m-Making-Money to Miserable-I”m-wasting-my-time, a middle-aged gentlemen, passes me by and acts interested in our merchandise and proceeds to slightly flirt by telling me to smile and to continuously say in a bit of a baby voice, “come on, show me a smile, it’s okay show me a smile”.   (Oh yeah and if you read my first blog, I fucking hate baby voices). I gave him a fake smirk and he proceeded to fake an interest in our stuff and then he left.
First if you are in my department as a man you are buying for a women (mom, sister, wife, girlfriend, co-worker etc.) , and as a women who is single, I always, let me repeat that loudly, ALWAYS look for a wedding ring. drum roll. . .  I found one!
So Mr. Married came back to my department but this time with two boys following, and once again I had the I’m-Miserable-I”m-wasting-my-time face. Before walking back over me he told his sons to walk ahead ( so they wouldn’t see him talking to random women), and started to flirt.  I noticed this time he was hiding his hand with the ring on it. When I noticed that it made me cringe!

Now the ending could have went two different ways:

1) I could flirt back, exchange numbers and swindle money from him
2) I could looked like an uninterested bitch and point to his children and say. . .” Hmm. . .  they have waited for a while, you might want to catch up with them”

I opted for the second!!

But married men try to lurk their prey and see which ones are down for the deceitful ride. . .  Some women are down with that, and I can’t judge, but I am way too selfish for that, I like access to my man when I want him, even children are an issue (SN). So if you are buying for you wives or girlfriends back the fuck up!!!! I don’t need angry women trying to kill, chop-up and BAR-B-QUE me at my place of work. And lets say I’m down for the ride, You need to set me up in a $1.9m condo with a $100,000 allowance per/ month. If not. . .  once again. . . BACK THE FUCK UP!!

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