HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the mothers and women who shoe in!!







Especially my sexy mother G.J.C.-Paterson-Mendes, she is the best, and sexiest beast I know!! You know how some of your mothers are soft-spoken and extremely kind! Nope not my mother she a brute, loud spoken, kind to people she likes (sort of), A crazy loud sports fanatic (men do NOT come to my house and not talk to her about sports, If you really want to gain points  talk about the Williams sisters she will love you forever), she is narcissistic( she loves herself, but fuck who doesn’t), brutally honest! but let me tell you this women would live without everything just to make sure Chantal and I are happy. We would literally be dead if it wasn’t for her.  I love my mom will all of my soul and would give her the world, and plan to give her the world.

Come on Dr. Chantal Mendes where’s her super yacht .



Well today we will sit back and eat crawfish( I cook) and whatever else my dad cooks and drink sake bombs!!!!



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