Almost 1000 Viewers

One Thousand Dollars!


Okay so it took me almost a whole fecking year (ten months to be

exact) to get a 1000 viewers, I’m not sure if that’s how it works or maybe

I’m just moving really slow, but anyway it goes I’m fecking excited!! So I

have 97

more views to go and I think I can reach my 1000 by the end of this

month. Incentive: I will buy my 1000th viewer three rounds of drinks at a

super super cheap happy hour, maybe a place where a friend works and I

will most likely get the food and drinks for like 5 bucks altogether, either

way you’ll get drunk and full for FREE!! And if you dont live around me

then ill send you a visa gift card:$10!! Dont act like you dont want $10!!!

I mean this sounds like a pretty good gift to me for just Typing into  your URL!!



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