Millionaire Matchmaker

I love millionaire matchmaker, It not to the point of my love of True Blood, you know ditch everyone and everything, driving home at 95 miles per hour, just to get home an hour early and sit on my couch in dead silence with phone on silent, not even vibrate, SILENT.  But Patti Stanger is way too funny, she is a match-making expertise and knows exactly what shes talking about. I CAN  say that there has been only once that I have disagreed with her (she was talking about marriage)  but I can imagine that last nights episode  with Freddie Mitchell, ex-wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles might of made some EVES disagree maybe even angry.

See Freddie needs gold digger repellent, and he is terrified to meet another gold digger. He’s the type of man with lots of money, who picks the women whom he is most attracted to, over the women whom he has the strongest emotional connection with . In the end she takes all of his money and leaves him when she’s had enough christian Louboutin‘s. But we can’t just blame the women for using him, and this is where Patti interjects!! He hands women Cash money, credit cards,  probably pays for rent, and then moves them in without the commitment of marriage.  How could you not expect a women to get accustomed to being treated in such a manner, it is no longer special but the norm. She is just his girlfriend and not his fiancé or wife, just because he gives her money does not mean that she needs to be with him forever. If you wink you eye and a guy buys you a Gucci bag, laptop, $300, or pays you rent, in my group of Friends they are called SUCKAS!!  Are we saying that we are not going to accept the gifts. Hell Yeah, we are defiantly going shopping, but its his fault for offering. Many men who say that women are GOLD-diggers, are enabling them to act they way they do. But back to Patti, she was saying that wealthy men should never give women cash, credit cards, pay for rent but could always buy gifts. I think Patti is right, sometimes it makes me feel uncomfortable when a man hands me money, once again I’m not saying I wont take it, I’m defiantly not Gold digger please ask some of my Ex’s but when I with a guy who hands me money I step into to that mind set. Everyone likes money just don’t flaunt it too much!! What do you ladies think?

Eharmony and, Oh my, Am I too young?

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I have always felt that online dating was only appropriate for certain people and of a certain age, you know the UGLY and OLD, but according to theses statistics below I may be a bit to judgemental on the subject.

Approximately 20 million people use the online dating service. The following statistics provide information about the Internet usage patterns of these users:

  • The 20 million Internet users visit dating site once in a month.
  • Some of these 20 million users visit dating sites more than once.
  • In the US, 31% of the population either uses online dating service or at least knows people who are using it.
  • In the year 2008, 120,000 marriages that took place were attributed to online dating services. The number of people who are finding their love online, is increasing day-by-day.
  • In the United States, 58% women and 48% men use online dating services.
  • Around 51% of men who went for online dating had 6 dates in a single year. Fifty-eight percent women who used online dating services had 4 dates in a single year.
  • In the year 2009, around 350 million dollars were spent in marketing the online dating services.
  • Among all the Internet services, online dating remained at the top. Its growth estimate is 10%.
  • The year 2009 also saw a rise in number of bogus accounts and scams. Free-to-subscribe dating sites were mainly responsible for these problems. Out of the total accounts created this year, 10% of them were bogus. Read more on online dating scams.
  • Out of the total number of singles who seek online dating services, only 33% manage to get into a relationship. Out of the remaining 66% people, 33% lose hope and quit while other 33% of keep on searching for the right partner.

Some of these statistics sound promising but the last ones sounds like a bummer.

Do you all think its desperate to start looking for love online in your early-mid twenties when you are attractive and social?

More to come from this topic. . . !!!