Relationship New Years Resolutions!!!

So we all have our New Year Resolutions, Here’s a few of mine. . .

– Drinking only twice a week, once on the weekend and once during the week

– Leave all of my male friends in the past ( well some of them)

– This is for CB and GC, 20 dollar, two person bowl limit!! I hope I win!!

Any frustration that I have with anyone, ANYONE including EM, EW, TK and RP is left in 2010, ugh this one is hard but must be done.

Okay so you see I have some resolutions to work on, but what about our Relationship Resolutions, and this is not necessarily for the people who are in romantic relationships but for everyone (outside, in between and around).

So here are some of my resolutions for you-all-types-of-relationship-people . . .

1. Focus more on yourself to focus better on the other. If you cannot assess your personal needs how could you fulfill another.

2.  Cut out the bickering. If you and the other are prone to arguing, you are probably doing so because you are protecting yourself against being hurt, you either need to figure this relationship out or move on.

3.  Love is not a cure-all.  Love is NOT the medicine for all your emotional hardships.

4.  Availability ( single people). Go out and meet new people, do not give up hope.

5. Focus on now and the future. Let your baggage go, learn from your mistakes and gain new experiences.

6.  Be realistic about your finances. Don’t spend more than you can on dates, and proving that you love the other with lavish gifts that are outside of your budget, MONEY is a bitch, she will fuck you, show you a good time and leave your ass solo dolo.

7. Trust yourself. Let’s try to listen to your gut feelings and not those of your boys and girlfriends, sometimes they cloud your judgment. Not to say they are not helpful, but you know when to trust yourself.

8.  Commit to yourself. Make yourself happy, in any way you see fit.

But for now. . .



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