Quoting GC: “That dumb broad, she is far from classy”

I love Teedra and this song but this is what I mean, silly!!EVES EVES EVES . . . I am very disappointed in some of you these days!!

So GC and I were texting one morning about a um . . . young EVE. And at the end of the text all she could say was “That dumb broad. . . she is far from classy”.

Let me fill you in on the craziness! I found myself, I guess you can call it dating this guy whom was a bit out of the typical criteria of my dating style. He was a little more ummmm HOOD than most would image me with, but hey you gotta play sometimes right? according to WIKIPEDIA (valid source), Dating is a form of courtship and may include any social activity undertaken, typically, by two persons with the aim of each assessing the other’s suitability as a partner in an intimate relationship or as a spouse ( NOT THIS PART). The word refers to the act of meeting and engaging in some mutually agreed upon social activity. Traditional dating activities include entertainment or a meal (DEFINITELYTHIS PART). So sure we went out on dates ( entertainment and meals), and sometimes we became ummmmm intimate. Besides his hoodness, he was a pretty decent gentleman, you know held the male role very seriously, I rarely ever opened my wallet, he opened doors, quite protective of me blah blah blah, but he is Caribbean WHORE (lol, I love my Carib men but it’s in their genetics) !! But that was fine because he was not my sole guy! I’m single too, of course I didn’t limit myself to him (this life style needs to change lol! Is it boyfriend season or what?) but for the EVES he was with, that took their relationship seriously, I’m sure this really hurt them.

Fast forward. . .

So one random day I get an AMAZING text message from a women (ughhhh this is a cringe factor). Summing it up of course: “I got him, he left you, you’re a Hoe and he’s mine AGAIN”

My response: “Its okay, it’s not a big deal, not sure why you feel it’s necessary to send me this message, this stuff happens sometimes, and why would I be a Hoe because I hung with him, what is silly is this message you sent me”

Of course, I was pissed, it was a betrayal of a friendship, but what can I do, send silly messages. I was doing the same thing, I just didn’t get a guy to send him a message!!

Fast Forward. . .

So I was Facebook stalking one morning ( okay we know we all do it sometimes, I better not be the only one).

I see that she post this to his wall ( which was deleted, QUICKLY): ” You get mad cause u get caught about the dirty girls u been fukkin with on ya face book lmao its not my fault. cause u deal with trash lol and try and come back to the one that has class lmmfao im good” ( how could this be classy?)

Lets remind you this is the same EVE that sent me and “the other hoes” ( her words) the AMAZING and classy text message!!

I deeply desire to understand how some EVES do not understand “getting” the man “back” is not a glorious thing. It’s not a prize that someone hurts you, you put your feelings aside, forgive and reconcile and then he hurts you again and accept him once again. Did you not think he went astray times before and he will most likely do it again? She couldn’t have, because, she was so proud that she had him again but didn’t think about the future and that he would hurt her AGAIN. Poor EVE I do wish her the best of luck and any other EVE in this situation. If you feel the need to send the “other women” messages, sit and think that you could be the “other” women as well. Or, that he is not sincere, wait and see if his actions are in correlation with his words and then rejoice with you and your boyfriend, childs father, or husband. I do feel bad because she is so immersed in his BUllSHIT that she can’t see clearly and she is point-blank DELUSIONAL.


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