Why do Eves dislike Eves?

Could some one please explain to me why women do not like other women?

We have all heard of this question before, and received so many answer but it just seems like those answers never satisfies my thirst. I have heard of psychological approaches to this question, street approaches ” Bitches just be hating”, but what is it all about? It seems like women can never be happy for one another, and even if they try there is an underlying desire for them to fail. It’s like wishing them good luck but trying to tarnish their name while saying it. She is killing two birds with one stone: trying to look like the adult to others, while trying to destroy to herself. I love women and I love being a women but sometimes I do get these malicious urges! You what I hate more than anything that comes out of women’s mouth: “She’s just jealous of me”! Is that something you wish? I think people who love to scream that, are women who are covered in perspiration made from jealousy.

Here are some reasons:

1. Women feel that their biological prime-time is limited. She can easily be replaced by a new younger, more beautiful woman. Youth is a woman’s fair-weathered friend.

2. Women feel that other women control their man’s sexual fidelity.

3. Women feel that their level or degree of physical beauty is based on luck as opposed to something that she controls.

4. Women feel that other women can take something that they have worked hard to earn by using their beauty on the job, school and the legal system because men will be taken by her beauty.

5. Women feel that other women can not be trusted. They gossip too much, they are phony and they would take your man right before your eyes.

6. Women feel that other women divert attention away from them.

7. Women feel psychologically competitive with other women to be more attractive.

8. Women subconsciously believe that if they merely looked like another woman, they could inherit her life, her diamond, her man, and people would look at her with the same admiration.

Have you ever started a new job and all the women dislike, or give you a hard time? This tends to happen to me a lot. Once, they get to know me, they warm up and now our work relations are okay. I have never been that women to give the new girl an extra hard time.

I believe that WOMEN HATERS are simply insecure!

Okay while I’m writing I might as well continue right… SWITCHING SUBJECTS SLIGHTlY

Why do women call other women, whom their men are sleeping with and  cuss them out. Who is that benefiting? Are you not suppose to be upset with the cheater, i.e you MAN, not a random women who knew nothing about you? UGHHHHHHH. . .  this one really gets me going. If I have every had a problem with an ex of mine, I went directly to the source, HIM!  This obviously is linked to EVES HATING EVES.