So have any of you heard of (

This site is hilarious.

Their explanation: “Welcome to DDHG! We`re a powerful online resource for women and men seeking counsel and community about love, sex, dating, relationships and marriage. Our users, men and women alike, share their experiences with each other in hopes of helping others who are struggling with similar relationship problems. Our love experts offer a wealth of great advice whether your a savvy singleton or romantically involved in a relationship!

My explanation: Welcome to DDHG! A online resource for Women and Women ONLY seeking to put their ex’s on blast about the shit they put them through. Our users, Women and Women ONLY, share their life altering experiences with other WOMEN in order to keep their dog ass ex’s from finding love. Not as if those trifling ass men want love, oops DDHG went on a quick rant, back to our explanation. . .  Our love experts are angry women who are hurt and devastated and want to offer their advice which is to avoid relationships!!

Okay,Okay little harsh, Hell I have an account to this website and have commented on A page, but I have not made a page about a guise, YET!!

I will try to avoid making a page about a guise, it seems a little desperate to express your anger, but hey whatever floats your boat! If that’s how you want to express yourself go for it girl!!

I think all women should check this out when you meet a guise and GUISE check it out just in case you have a page!!!

P.S. I have a guise I was dating on this site, ugh so embarrassing, I guess he was so bad that many women commented on it !!


  1. Lol this is the best site ever, its a little hateful but hey we need to be on our toes at all times. These guys are getting worse using the same tricks ten times in the row and never get called out for what they are doing. I encourage every women to check this site out if their new boo seems a little sketchy..

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