Crisis or Choice: Why are so many black women single? (via Kiss-N-Tell Chantell)

Claim #1: There are 1.8 million more African American women than black men. Claim #2: 42% of all African American women have never been married; that's double the number of white women who have never been to the altar. Claim #3: 70% of professional black women are single. If I hear any more of these "facts" uttered from the mouth of another news anchor I’m going to scream. First there was an AB … Read More

via Kiss-N-Tell Chantell

2 thoughts on “Crisis or Choice: Why are so many black women single? (via Kiss-N-Tell Chantell)

  1. I love and slightly dislike this blog at the same time. Kiss-N-Tell Chantal wonders why the media is so worried about the issues of African American women and dating or why they discuss so many women having children out of wedlock, the fact is that its very true. I don’t see a problem with media paying attention to a problem in the African American women community.I do understand how they glorify women with their success rate but pull them down by mentioning their single life style, but he simple fact is that it is all TRUE! How many black women do you know are single mothers, or single-successful women. I think i just ran out of fingers!!. I don’t think the problem is why are so many women single, but really why are so many women single mothers. And yes, black women can look outside of their race, but the natural attraction is to a black man (my opinion), and there is obviously a epidemic about black men’s success rate being low in this country ( to clarify, I am not saying there are not successful black men, because there are but there are more black men then necessary who get caught in the penal system). What i do love love love about this blog is the fact that she stands firmly to her belief that there is nothing wrong with being a single, successful women. I think that i just figured that fact out a few months ago. I was so obsessed with making sure that i was married by 31, because i was afraid to be an “old maid”. I think that fear has disappeared and I am more fearful of being a “broke maid”.

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