Why do people linger in DEAD relationships?

I broke up, so lets celebrate

Image by Unlisted Sightings via Flickr

What is a DEAD relationship?  Umm. . . maybe a relationship where you dread having sex with your partner ( this is probably for the EVES)!  You avoid hanging out with your significant other just so you won’t feel the pressure to get busy in the sheets, and when you actually find yourself in the mood, in the middle of sex you think “damn, why did I ever start this”?  A Dead relationship could also include continuous fighting about the dumbest shit. Like, your breath smells in the morning (um duh), or you’re not pumping the gas right (WHAT?).  You no longer kiss, hug, or even dap it up! You realize that you’re talking so much shit about your partner to your friends, that you friends are tired of hearing about it. So why stick it out, why not just end the relationship and find someone new?  Are you just too comfortable? I mean it’s so easy, you don’t have to shave your vagina because he has already seen the untamed jungle when he glanced at you in the shower or close the door when you’re dropping a log (because she has smelled your continuous farts throughout the night). It is just so much easier then dating, dating can be a drag!  I personally love dates, free drinks (hey hey hey! wait do I sound like an EVE). Breaking up is hard to do, if you are the “breaker-upper” you’re bound to feel bad for a while. Especially if you have been dating for many years and you do love (maybe not like) them.  I went tailgating about two weeks ago and I saw the biggest example of a relationship needing to end. So this Guise was a major asshole.  He has an live in girlfriend whom he hates, and it is so obvious.  He flirts with others girls; calling other girls his girlfriend, dancing around other women and saying that other women who are passing by are hot; all in front of her. The only reason he has not broken up with her is due to their living arrangement and their leasing agreement. If it is that bad, break you lease and split the cost.  They are both horrible, she ignores it because she comfortable and a little overweight, possible she’s scared she won’t find someone else (Okay I’m passing judgment, it’s wrong but it’s what I think) and he sticking through it because of a lease. In my book, she’s an EVE and he’s a GUISE.  I think we have all been in this situation, especially when you really did love and like that individual at one point.  I suggest that you back out before you hate each other!  HUGS AND KISSES BITCHES!!

2 thoughts on “Why do people linger in DEAD relationships?

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