How do Guise trick you? (This one is long)


Image by masochismtango via Flickr

Okay so this one is all about me!

The question of the day:  How in the hell do Guise trick us into thinking that they are so debonair? In reality he is just a regular “Old English Sheppard”!

So there was this guy, oh my, I was so infatuated with him. He is 27, with a really nice house (Not apt), a great career (not JOB) with potential to grow, didn’t know anyone I knew ( that’s hard in Houston),  manners for days, sushi connoisseur, red wine drinker, and just educated (did not speak African American Vernacular English: AAVE).
Our first date: Starbucks, because he just wanted to talk. Second date two days later, so much fun, we went to a bar (my favorite place). Third date three days later: an amazing dinner then went to a restaurant that specializes in desserts, and then ended the night at a bar. Throughout these dates he was all over me, not looking off, completely alert to my conversation. I know it may not sound like a lot but it was great. He is a smooth guy, maybe too smooth (he bought me white rose, and said “I hope one day this white rose will turn red for love, oh goodness I know, corny but I was soo into it). So weeks go by we are still hanging out and going out, blah blah blah. Eventually I invite him to my apartment, and he is a complete gentlemen, he does not try to get fresh (you know, does not ask me to slob his knob) he just walks me in, kisses me good night and goes home. I’m like wow a keeper!
I eventually feel comfortable to go to his house, he cooks dinner, I bring the wine (Malbec) and listen to music and just being with each other (even slow dance, how lame I know but how could I resist it). I spend the night: NOTHING! Still does not try to do anything, I’m telling you this happen a few times and each time we just cuddle and fall asleep.
Christmastime:  See he is originally from Louisiana, Baton Rouge to be exact and he was going home for the holidays, I was going to see him the night before he goes back home. I was suppose to get there around 7 but he keep on delaying it because he said he was shopping, he eventually gets home around 9. I arrive around 10 sort of upset because I know that this is the last time I’ll see him until the New Year (about two in half weeks) but of course the smooth operator defuses my frustration by surprising me with a present. At that moment, it was over; I was digging him, and could not control my feelings. I stopped talking to other guys and try to focus on him. WELL that FUCKED ME!!

I don’t know what happened but the New Year comes we hangout a few more times and one day he just stops calling, does not answer my calls and disappears from the world. I’m like did he die, did he get another girlfriend? NOPE HE DIDN’T because I ran across him 7 MONTHS later in the club, acting a complete ass!!
He does not acknowledge me, which is fine because I wouldn’t want to talk to him, but if ya’ll only saw the way he was acting. The first time I see him and his grown ass is grinding on some EVE, so hard like it was his first time in a club. I was paralyzed!! But I’m Shameika and I Try to be too-cool-for-school sometimes; so I just brushed that shit off and sat down. I was with three different groups of women: 1st group: White cougars, at a round table, he sees me and walks up to one of the cougs and starts dancing on her buttocks right in front of me (so I’m thinking maybe this is just a coincidence, maybe he really likes that 38 year old booty and didn’t see me, I ignored it), then I moved around and saw some other friends. 2nd group: Some young hoochies, standing in a circle, he does the same fricking thing right in front of me, I’m like (RP) you have to be kidding me, okay I’m still cool.  3rd group: my actual friends, sexy bitches,  sitting on couches, (JS) sees him pointing but does not realize its at me, he then comes over and sits right in front of me AGAIN and tries to talk to one of the girls. HOW ANNOYING!!!  He was acting like I stopped calling him, but really you did, so weird.

First things first: Your too old to act like that in the club, literally jumping from girl to girl and humping them LITERALLY!  I wish he would have been honest from the start, maybe I might like that shit. Maybe I like humpers!  But to conceal who you are and get me caught in your web of BS is trash. He is just a dog, there is so much more I know about his dirty laundry, lets just say he keeps a lot of women around ALL the time, and I was just a pawn in his game of chess for those few months (DAMN I SOUND LAME, hahah, but I really do). He may have amazing things going on for him but he is still just a boy, trying to play a grown man’s game.  The thing is, I not even upset (anymore), I’m actually glad because he had a hold on me and now it’s over because he is a weirdo!  I wanted to bang a weirdo, SHIT I’m embarrassed!! How did RP trick me?

2 thoughts on “How do Guise trick you? (This one is long)

    • Guise will be Guise is the truth, Imagemaven if you only saw him you would of died of shock or laughter like why are you harassing me, it was so weird!! Like I texted Mich and was like “I see (Ran), I’m paralyzed” when i first saw him and then when i saw him acting like your little brother (sorry john-john) I immediately said “never mind I’m good now”

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