How do we forget what’s important?

July 2008 demonstrators

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So I am going to write about something a little different today.

I’m talking about the social evils in this world. I am totally obsessed with how genocide happens, and powerful countries either never interfere or they swoop in too late. If you know me, you would know (MW), I have pretty much watched every single documentary, movie (good and bad), and read books on the Shoah or more commonly known as the Holocaust. There is so much information on the Shoah, I would assume that it would serve as as a lesson but some how there are still subsequent genocides. Due to the fact, that the Shoah was not in my life time, I hold the ones before me responsible to aid the hopeless, whereas, this war in Sudan has been in my lifetime and I hold myself responsible to aid those affected. The war in Sudan and Uganda has been a hidden holocaust.  Invisible Children, is an non-for-profit organization that was founded by three young men, who heroically traveled to Sudan and then Uganda on their own with a video camera purchased on eBay. This camera show the horrors of the forgotten children’s lives.  Children sleep in spaces that are smaller than your bathroom which is lit by a single candle, on a mat that is saturated in water and they still find the dedication to complete their studies every night. These children do not have parents, some have died of AIDs or others killed by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). These children do not cry because of the fear of death, if the LRA rebels see you cry, they kill you because you are thinking about you past, so they show no emotions (one boy said although they won’t let him show it “They don’t know what’s in my heart”, in which they will never break him). Thousands and Thousands of children are being raped and forced as child soldiers. These child soldiers are abducted and forced in the bush (jungle) and turned into a child soldier, if not raped. These fighting forces of the LRA are not voluntary, and EVERY child had been forced. The first thing they are taught is to kill and terrorize. They desensitize these children by killing others in front of them. So desensitized that one child said “I have headaches if I don’t see blood”. Their ages range from 8-14, because as we all so children are easily persuaded and brainwashed. If these children try to escape they will be tortured and killed so they leave every day killing 20 to 40 people. Some children can be as young as five, their significance is to sneak in schools and homes to abduct other children. The ones who evaded abduction are on the run every night and sleep in the streets, they are called night commuters. One child named Jacob said he would rather to die then stay on this earth. The mental state of these children, one word: Horrendous! Although this was in 2003 many things have not changed. For the current events:, Let’s make these children VISIBLE.

I have bought almost all of the videos that this organization has provided and I found myself today (Sept. 15) watching these same movies and documentaries over and over and over again (although I have seen them 10 plus times in the past) and wondering why have I not tried to make a change,. Instead of being caught up with matters that are so inconsequential. All I have done was donated and purchase apparel. It just gave me this disappointing sensation that jolted throughout my body and then realized I am just like the people who ignored the issues during World War II. I need to do more with my time and talents and this children gave me that reminder. Let us not forget what is really important to each of us and remember to leave a mark during your path. Find your goals, and keep you flames glowing. (Now I sound motivational)


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