How many partners is just too much?

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For some people sleeping around period is wrong. I have one friend (MW) who truly believes that sexual Intercourse should remain between two individuals who love each other and she can’t understand people who have sex causally. I think that she is a bit conservative. I on the other hand have a looser perspective of sexual intercourse. I don’t think that it is safe to have 365 different sex partners within in a year  but if you choose to, wear a condom, use birth-control, have the “B”  as a back up and then have a good time. I guess I am trying to address the individuals who have a neutral perspective on sex outside of a monogamous relationship. What I would really like to know is when does sleeping around go too far for the majority? Women and men sleep around all of the time, and it is normal, maybe not to discuss at the dinner table but it happens. Isn’t that why we have “Plan B” or the “Morning after pill”? But, what is the line between a woman who is free with her sexuality as they portray Samantha on Sex and City and a woman who is considered a whore. Same for men, if the number is finite for women it must be for men as well. So to relate with GUISE and EVES the individuals who surpass this number must be the GUISES and EVES of this story. I’m not sure what to say about this blurred line because I’m not sure if I believe there is one. I know sleeping with a different person everyday of the week sounds dangerous.  But simply choosing to have sex with whom they want is freedom. Some people just don’t have the time or energy for a relationship. I would put myself in that circle. I’m not saying I sleep around, I just saying that sex is just not that big of a deal to me. My mother would be sooooo upset if she read this!  It’s not that I would not like to have a boyfriend, I would love to, hell I’m only getting older, but this particular time on my life I’m not ready for the distractions and commitments of a boyfriend.  There are so many things that want to start, and positions I want to be in, that it only seems like a relationship would hold me back. Although, if I do meet someone, and it turns into something, I am not going to just going to run away from it, I will try to give it a chance. But in that same breath, when I do meet guys I let them know that I am not in the prepared for a relationship.  Enough about me. . .

So how many partners’ is just too much? I feel that maybe it may not be about the number but how one feels after, or how people perceive you. Because with certain people ten may be an enormous amount and now your friends look at you like a dog or slut, but in other groups this may be a diminutive quantity. I believe that each individual knows their limits and when they feel disrespected or uncomfortable then it’s time to stop and re-evaluate your situation.  Read the casual sex myths by Rachael Kramer Bussel she agrees with me.  WRAP IT UP!!


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