Why do EVEs become distracted by Sex?

Why do EVES become distracted by sex?

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What do I mean by women becoming distracted by sex? Well, I mean that women will CHOOSE to ignore the most obvious negative attributes of a man if he has a large penis and is able to satisfy her. Can sex ever really be so good that you forget that you pay for every date and pick him up in your car, that he has three children whom he does not take care of ( Or he pulls an ANTONIO CROMARTIE), that he never completed high school, that he does not know the difference from “sum” and “average”, that he is thirty-five and a “Team-Member Chili-head” at Chili’s Bar and Grill (this was kinda rude, I was a chili-head), he thinks its fancy to wear his fresh-to-death J’s to a nice event, and the largest word he know is copasetic. I have to ask again, is sex really ever that good? Apparently so! You would not even believe how many women I know who bang GUISE with those past credentials but they either don’t notice it or ignore it. Lets be honest they ignore it! Okay so now we know the answer, but why? We could look at female sexual dysfunction, which is a disturbance in or pain during the sexual response, this includes four categories:

1. Hypo-sexual Desire: the persistent or recurrent deficiency of sexual fantasies or thought and/or lack of receptivity to sexual activity

2. Sexual Arousal Disorder: the persistent or recurrent inability to achieve or maintain sufficient sexual excitement, expressed a lack of excitement or lack of genital or other somatic responses

3. Orgasmic Disorder: The persistent or recurrent difficulty, delay or absence of attaining orgasm after sufficient sexual stimulation and arousal

4. Sexual pain disorder: Sexual pain associated with sexual intercourse! ( THIS SOUNDS HORRIBLE)

Approximately, 40 MILLION women are affected by Female Sexual Dysfunction between ages of 18-59, and this dysfunction increases with age.

  • Married women tend to have a lower risk than unmarried
  • Hispanic women have lower risk than all races
  • European American women have lower risks than African-American women

So how does this information help understand the initial question?

I’m assuming the 40 MILLION women who are affected by this horrible dysfunction are so traumatized that when they find someone who can relive them, they refuse to pass up the opportunity regardless of the GUISE situation. His “oh so” horrible and traumatic situation. You know, traumatic to the women they are using! I guess I can sympathize, I would not go as far and empathy though because I still can’t fully understand and grasp settling for someone just because he has a nice Johnson. But what about the other 115.8 MILLION women (***Math time*** 155.8 – 40 = 115.8) who are not affected by FSD! I really think that it is more than just sex, it has to be about the false affection that they are receiving during those awesome 15 minutes. Maybe I can grasp JUST STRAIGHT sex but lets stop there, do NOT try to make a real relationship based on good sex, especially when he thinks 1×2 = 3 (Just so you know I met a guy who really thought that was true and somehow he made it through undergrad WTF people). HAPPY BANGING!!


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