Why in the world do EVES “babytalk”?

Baby talk is an extremely special and interesting phenomenon. Do we all know what I mean by “baby talk”? Let me give you an example. . . “Hewo, baby, I wuv you”, “You’re my little sweetie”, and lets imagine this in a high-pitch voice, or a sweet “itty-bitty” whisper. Oh BOY! If you still don’t understand just watch Khloe Kardashian talk to her “hubby wubby” on her show. She is a major offender of this crime and poor Lamar, the victim (Khloe I do wuv you a lot though, she is my Fav!!) I’ll be honest; I have been a culprit of this terrible crime! But . . . this is not an everyday action of mine, you might catch me really WASTED, and all of a sudden there goes my inner baby. But why must we EVES speak like babies to our GUISE? Do they even like hearing that annoying ass bullshit? And EVES do we not understand that it is kind of strange to revert back to our mothers vaginas? Let’s investigate. . .

There has been extensive research on this topic. The technical term is called Secondary Babytalk, which is defined as slurring two words together or using higher pitches, and baby like pronunciations. Two researchers Bombar and Littig established this phenomenon in adult romances and reported on its relationship to attachment style. The study says 75% of people who responded to their study used baby talk (That’s a lot, 3 out of 4 adults).

They found that it was positively correlated with relationship seriousness, satisfaction, love and degree of sexual involvement, which leads to more secure feelings about their relationship, stronger and more intimate attachment to their partners. Simply they are more secure in their relationships.

So now I am more annoyed with these research findings then the damn baby talk! The research says it’s healthy, WHAT???. I still think that it is fucking annoying!! My personal opinion, I feel like men ignore this “secure relationship builder”, due to the fact that they like feeling needed, it’s like literally taking care of a helpless infant. They feel wanted! And what GUISE does not want that. And….another theory of mine is that men do not respond well to harsh tones, (like bitching, as my EX would tell me) ones that seem to link to attitudes, so women try to speak in a neutral or extremely positive way, to avoid conflict. Many women do like to feel little and protected by their men, it is uncommon to see women towering over their 4’11” boyfriends. So speaking they way they want to feel sounds about right. Well now I’m going “bye-bye”, can’t wait to hear what you have to say. . .

-Shameeke Weeke Leekey-