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What does GUISE&EVES really mean?


Let me give you a little background on the name GUISE&EVES. Guise is a form or style of dress, similar to costume, or an external appearance. If we find ourselves in the mood to add extra letters to this word, we could add the root DIS-, which comes from the  Latin language and meaning “apart”; in the English language the meaning includes “do the opposite of”, “deprive of”, “exclude or expel”, “not” and “completely”. So now we have a word (Guise) and a root (DIS-) together we birthed DISGUISE, meaning to change the appearance of, so as to conceal the identity or to resemble another, or clothing put on to conceal ones identity or counterfeit another’s, and an outward appearance that hides what something really is. Lets move on to EVE, in the English dictionary EVE means the period just before an important event, But that’s not the EVE I’m talking about, we need to go straight to the OLD TESTAMENT, Genesis 3. Hallelujah!!!!!! Eve the very first women, the wife of Adam and the mother of all living. In many religions Eve is considered to have committed the first and original sin.

So. . . Guise will describe “men” or “guys” (doesn’t guise and guys sound alike, ah ha there’s the connection) and Eves will describe woman (obviously)!

Why Guise for men?

Well first they sound alike, but truth is I feel like men put on a “Tough Guise”, hiding behind their forced masculinity, and creating their false appearance to persuade. Men will do anything to win over woman, even disguising their true selves, and becoming something untrue to their nature.

Why Eves for woman?

Well, rightfully eve is the very first woman and according to her sins she is considered to hold a man in thrall by her irresistible attractions, woman embody all that is destructive in man’s experience. . . seducing him! The ancient sage Sirach says “from a woman sin had its beginning and because of her we all die” (Sir 25:24), Now Sirach that’s a bit dramatic!!!

Do I believe all men and woman encompass these characteristics, no but I thought these extremities would spark your interest and create food for thought. So here I go!

P.S. I do want to add, Although I am African American, ( I think my name gave it away), this is about all men and women of every race, creed, nationality and sexuality.